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Start Saving Today!

Simply send us a copy of a recent utilities bill and we can get the ball rolling.

Start Saving

In a just a few simple steps we can help you to find out how much you could be saving and start the process of making sure you never pay too much for your energy again!

Step 1

Send us a bill, this gives us all of the initial information we need such as your usage, the rates you are paying, your location and any daily charges.

You can do this using the form below, or simply photograph your bill using your smart phone and email, text or what’s app it to us.

From this we can gauge what the likely savings could be and whether it is worth going to the next stage

Upload your bill

You can upload a copy of a recent utility bill using the form provided, or

Take a picture of it using your smart phone and send it as an MMS

Or you could send it to us via What’s App – 07384 748872


    Step 2

    Once we’ve established the potential for savings, we’ll ask you to complete a standard letter of authority, this allows us to gather the additional information we need to get a clear understanding of your position and how you arrived there.

    You can download our standard letter of authority here. Simply cut and paste the contents onto your letterhead and send it back to us. (You can email us a signed copy or simply drop it in the post.)

    Once this is done we can then start formal discussions with both your current and potential suppliers.

    It’s as simple as that!

    Step 3  (optional)

    If you fall into the high usage bracket, there are a few more factors to take into account to ensure you have the right type of contract for your operation, for example:

    • Is you rate Fixed or do you have Flexi Buy options?
    • Does your contract take into account your usage profile (i.e. how your demands varies during the day / year)?
    • Do you have the correct type of of meters installed for your profile?
    • Are DUoS, TUoS, CCL, FIT, kVA costs included or are these passed through?

    We’ll ensure you understand all of your options and put together a package that will save you the most money.

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